The Mystery that is: Strategic Workforce Planning

As many of us enter the second half of the financial year, I’m sure all Managers are looking at their YTD results and trying to work out how they either maximise their current position against budget, or how do they bridge the gap between their actual v budget results. Unfortunately this thinking often gives rise to short term planning, because it is all about achieving the full year budget by 30 June. However, there is another topic that can provide ongoing benefits to an organisation and that is Strategic Workforce Planning. Here are some thoughts on Strategic Workforce Planning for you to consider:

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Friday 13th January 2017    

Blockchain And What You Need To Know

I was recently in Sydney and heard about a thing called “Blockchain” for the first time. This apparently came into existence in 2009 and was created to essentially support “Crypto currencies” such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Monero to name a few. Bitcoin is by far the largest traded and well known crypto currency.

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Thursday 13th October 2016    

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