Business Coaching

Coaching is a powerful technique of listening and questioning that enables an individual to: 

  • Identify where they want to be; 
  • Where they are now; 
  • What options they have, to move forward; and 
  • What they will actually do to move forward. 

It’s a facilitation process that identifies insights and actions to achieve goals. It has depth of process and provides a framework that enables you to explore options that will deliver positive outcomes.  

Certified, with access to a broad network of cohorts, we are qualified and able to provide Workplace and Business Coaching to both Individuals and Executive Teams

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Business Mentoring

Whether you are a sole proprietor needing someone to discuss issues, or challenge your thinking, or a Manager in a large organisation, struggling with the politics of business – we can help. We understand that at times, the challenges that face you today may seem overwhelming and to discuss these challenges with someone from outside your immediate network will provide you broader perspective and greater strategic insight.

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Business Transitioning

So what happens when you have decided that “things need to change”? As a fellow SME, we have gone through this process and can assist you in working through a measured Business Transition. Not too dissimilar to a home, a business requires renovation at some point in its life. While the process can be daunting, we can step you through and assist in moving your business to a better place.

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Executive Search

A targeted or specific search methodology for executive positions. After an initial meeting with you to discuss your requirement, we will tailor a recruitment strategy to deliver you the best outcome.  

We have an extensive network of candidates operating at all levels of the Employment Market. We maintain regular contact with our always growing candidate pool to ensure we are aware of any changes to their availability and to enable us to provide a prompt solution. 

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