Meet The MD

Craig Batchelor is a Senior Business Manager having operated across multiple industry sectors for much of his working life. Craig has successfully established and operated his own recruitment agency in Brisbane since 2000. During this period, Craig has mentored a number of individuals who have moved through his business into larger organisations and have become successful Managers in their own right. Along the way, the business achieved a listing in the BRW Fast 100 on three consecutive occasions. Additionally, Craig has provided individual coaching to many middle and senior level Managers and Business Owners, who have struggled with the “Politics of Business”.

In late 2015 Craig commenced a transition process for his recruitment agency, moving it from essentially a service provider (order filler) to large organisations, to a sales and customer driven agency focussing on small to medium sized organisations.

The final piece in the transition was to establish a new consultancy based business, essentially in the people space. In recent years Craig has developed a keen interest in what the future workforce and method of work might look like and he has set about exploring this area of interest while adding to his knowledge base.

The journey continues...